The Road to America

I applied for Camp America in August, an epiphany moment for me. I realised in my gap year I had not done anything that felt even slightly adventurous, I still haven’t driven outside of Wales. I felt hungry for a drastic change. I had seen a few people had go that summer and it looked great. So I had a look on the website and started filling out the application form. Although the questions are pretty simple. It took me about a week to fill it out properly (there are a lot of questions). I even made the video which I’m not going to lie was a challenge in itself. We are all used to looking at selfie’s, but watching yourself talk on video is horrific if you’re not used to it, not made any easier by the need to sell yourself to Camp directors.

Anyway I finally chose a camp interviewer, which was very exciting. It took about 2 weeks to get a reply, but then it was all set a trip to Cardiff. My interview was in Café Nero at 2.30 on the 4th September. Nerve-wracking.

After thinking about it for hours, working myself up. I walked in and a sudden wave of calm rushed through me, my interview lasted an hour going over my application. It was like a general chat, she asked me what I planned to do in Uni, why I had chosen a gap year etc. She then gave me some advice on how to improve my application. At no point did I feel like I wouldn’t make it to camp, as she used words like ‘when’ you go to camp which was very re-assuring. A week later I notified her that my application had been adapted, double checked and checked again. Finally it was waiting for Camp directors to read and hopefully recruit me for their camp. Very exciting!

If I had known that was the easiest part of the process I’m not too sure I would have signed up.

It was about a month before I had direct contact with a camp director in Texas. I was ecstatic, I quickly went over some notes before a skype interview. I knew after getting off the call it wasn’t great. It’s not easy having a ‘professional’ conversation over skype, my personality didn’t come across at all. He never got back to me.

About a week later I had an e-mail from a director in upstate New York. Again super excited. I knew what I needed to get across this time. It went so much better than the last, I instantly relaxed and was myself. After a week she confirmed my placement at the Camp! So I’m off to New York in June! I can’t wait to go! Meeting so many new people from all over the world. It still hasn’t sunk in yet.

I will keep you updated.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


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