30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 01

Day 01: 10 Things that make you happy. 

Hey there!

These are the things that make me happy and keep my soul content.

  1. My Family: I love my family, we are so close! They are the people I will always turn to when I’m in need of a good laugh, support or just some company.
  2. Singing: I am one of those that loves to belt out a good song (really badly, I admit). I feel so instantly happy and cheerful, especially in the morning it’s a great way to brighten the day! I’m a little obsessed with Lady Gaga’s A million reasons at the moment.
  3. The doggies: Our family pets, Rayne and Lola (both gorgeous dogs) are the best for entertainment, they are so funny to watch playing, dreaming and are amazing for a cuddle (if you like being squashed!). Check out my About me for pics!
  4. Reading: It was in 2015 when I got really into reading, after reading ‘I am Number Four’ on holiday, I then started reading the Harry Potter books, after seeing the films, purely because I needed to find out more details.
  5. Disney: Obviously this started years ago, but I still love it! I would love to go to Disney world when I go to America this summer. I am on a mission to get all the DVD’s in the Disney classics collection, we had some of them on video as kids, at the moment I only have one, (sad isn’t it?) the Jungle book.
  6. Horses: I have been horse riding since I was six, at 13 I had my own pony, Scooby. I love being around horses, they make me feel calm and safe, you can’t beat the feeling of galloping along the seafront! The wind in your face, adrenaline pumping through your veins, you need to add that to your bucket list if you haven’t done it already.
  7. Meditation: This has become a more regular thing for me recently. It’s surprising how content you feel after meditating, I watch videos on YouTube for guided meditation, but I am now at the point where I can calm and relax myself.
  8. Tea: I drink tea all day, everyday (Twining’s breakfast if your interested), drop of milk (literally a drop) and three sweeteners. Perfection! I can’t get on with the day without a cup of tea.
  9. Baking/Cooking: My Nan was an amazing home cook and made a mean Lemon drizzle cake, after watching the Great British Bake-Off two years ago, it sparked my interest in baking, which then led to making breads and curries. Bread takes a while to make but I find it really therapeutic, kneading the dough. I tend to put my headphones on and sing really loudly to the dogs as I go.
  1. Being Outdoors: I think everyone loves to be outdoors, but I feel more productive if I go for a walk or eat breakfast alfresco (when it’s warmer outside). It’s much better for the soul to breath in fresh air.

What makes you happy?

I hope you are having an amazing day, and you enjoyed this post?

Thanks for reading,

Chloe Amanda






  1. I like being outdoors and drinking tea, too! And reading. And Harry Potter. I actually just posted a harry potter tag on my blog (which you might’ve already seen). Anyway, great post, excited to read more. x


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