30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 03

Day 03: Your top 5 pet peeves?

Happy Friday guys,

Hope you are having a great day! So here we are day 03, my pet peeves, to be fair I don’t have many pet peeves, but these really make me grit my teeth.

Here they are:

  1. When people can’t spell my name – Chloe is a fairly popular name as far as I am aware, there was at least one other Chloe in all of my classes in school. But people constantly spell it wrong, I kind of get Khloe or Cloe but Chole and Clowee, no! People can see my name in an E-mail or message and still spell it wrong.
  2. Overweight Dogs – A little strange, but I work in a dog friendly pub, I have dogs so I see a lot of them. I can’t stand seeing overweight dogs, it’s cruel! Seeing dogs that can’t play or run because they are so fat is so sad. It doesn’t take much to keep dogs fit, no treats, nice walks, simple!
  3. Phone overload – I can’t stand when people are having dinner whilst constantly on their phone/Ipad. I have seen families go out for Sunday lunch, whilst they are waiting all three of them, parents and their like 5-year-old child, all on their individual Ipads playing games, seriously what? Have a conversation!
  4. Passive aggressive behaviour – Working in a restaurant, you always get people who won’t complain to your face, but are saying how terrible it is loud enough for everyone to hear! If you have a problem say something!
  5. Wet towels on the floor! – This may sound petty, but I hate when they are just in a heap on the floor, I don’t know why, probably because it’s so easy to just fold them or hang them up.

Hope you enjoyed my top five pet peeves, what irritates you?

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Thanks for reading,




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