30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 05

Day 05: Your favourite comfort foods and why?

Hey there!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Quite fitting for a Sunday isn’t it, comfort food? Sunday is for lounging around, a good film and spending time with family and friends. Not my Sunday so much, I am one of those lucky people that gets to work on a Sunday.Β I see comfort food as something that is easy to make, stodgy and of course, delicious.

It’s a bit of a toss up, chocolate or cheese? Sweet of savoury? It depends massively on my mood, what I’m doing or whether I just want to fill a hole.

I love chocolate, white chocolate is my favourite! Not a big fan of dark chocolate, just a little rich for me. Everyone has a weakness for chocolate, I’m quite good at staying away from it until I need a little pick me up. Me and my boyfriend are currently watching Sherlock from the beginning and my mum bought us loads of chocolate for Christmas, which we are slowly munching our way through.

My favourite chocolate bar as a kid was a crunchie, which I still love, but my new favourite has to be a kinder bueno, not that I can remember the last time I had one. I’m really good at not buying chocolate, but when it’s given to you it’s different!

Cheese. I love cheese, most cheeses but not goat’s cheese (ewww!) It’s so easy to just grab, which is a big problem for me, when I get in late from work, browsing the fridge, it’s just looking at me! (Eat me! Eat me!) It fills a hole, rather beautifully!

A sandwich with brie, ham and sweet chilli sauce, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! I love having steak with a perlas/blue cheese sauce, it’s amazing, or just the sauce with chips. Lush. I never loved cheese as a child, must be like wine, the older the get the more you like it or something?

What are your comfort foods? Why do you love them?

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