30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 07

Day 07: Your favourite childhood toys?

Hiya guys,

Welcome to day 07 of my 30 day writing challenge, I have many great memories of my childhood, which I shared with my younger sister, Lara, there’s two years between us, but we are really close, my first and forever best friend. We kept each other occupied most of the time, with the occasional argument (as sisters do, right?).

One of my favourite toy, was my baby doll, a Baby Born doll, the one that drinks, can be fed and uses a potty. I don’t know how old I was when I first got one, I lost one and got another one, because I loved it so much. I had tonnes of different outfits for her, all the prams and things, I was and still am a girly girl, all flowers and fairies.

I would take her everywhere, the reason I lost the first one. I suppose, they become like a comfort thing.

Together me and Lara had an army of Barbies. Loads of them. They would cover the floor of our bedroom, until our grandparents would stay and try to get us to tidy up, which never seemed to last, all neatly put away for about an hour.

We had different Barbie’s, one that could have a baby, ride a horse and I’m pretty sure we had one with a mermaid tail for the bath. We all the Ken’s and Prince Charming’s and Bratz dolls, which I think I loved because one was called ‘Cloe’.

In the summers we had a slip and slide, which we would spend all day on, constantly going back and forth, sometimes with body boards. Having a whale of a time! We loved being outdoors all day, in the sun, running through a sprinkler and getting the dog to follow, very amusing to our little brains.

I love a bit of nostalgia, remembering all of the good times shared with my family as children. We often find ourselves reminiscing, those are the days though, being a child, not a care in the world, no work, no bills, life is just brimming with excitement and wonder.

What were your favourite childhood toys? Or things that kept you happy for hours on end?

Hope you are having a great day,

Thanks for reading,

Chloe Amanda





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