30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 08

Day 08: The time you felt most satisfied with life?

Hey there,

Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday.

Who doesn’t love feeling fulfilled, content and happy? Although there are failures and let downs along the way, how else would we learn, develop and become the people we are today?

I’m nearly 20, so granted I haven’t had the greatest amount of ‘life experience’ something I hear regularly. Even so, I know what it feels like to be proud of yourself, seeing all your hard work pay off.

I feel I am most satisfied with my life today, not because of where I am right now, more because I know everything is in place for the future, and I’m happy.

As I write this I have come home from a day volunteering in a local primary school, which has given me great insight into the career I want to go into (teaching, obviously). I have secured a place at University to study Primary education with QTS, at my first choice university, the gateway to teaching.

I am going on my solo adventure on June 1st, to America for nearly 4 months as horse riding counselor at a summer camp in upstate New York, you wouldn’t believe how excited I am! EEEEK! I cannot wait to make new friends, travel around America and work with children and horses all day everyday.

I’ve started this blog, so you, you lucky reader can browse my life updates, emotions and thoughts. I am slightly obsessed with blogging. I love getting my life out there, discussing with you our common likes and dislikes. I wish I started it sooner.

However this time last year, I had no clue what I wanted from life, I didn’t know what industry I wanted to be in, I never thought I would end up working with children.

It was the most frustrating time of my life, my family constantly asking ‘what are you going to do?’ or ‘why haven’t you looked into this..’ I put so much pressure on myself, to the point it would get me upset at the thought of it. But I got there in the end! Yay me!

So yeah, I sit here today quite content with where my life is headed. It took a little longer than others, but it’s definitely the right choice for me.

So my advice for anyone stuck in life, give yourself time to figure it out, get a shitty job for the time being, if it pays the bills all good. One day your light bulb moment will come. Trust me.

Check out my 30 day writing Challenge.

Thanks for reading Day 08 of my 30 day challenge,

Chloe Amanda


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