30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Your guilty pleasure?

Happy Friday everyone,

Hope you are having a lovely day, looking forward to the weekend?

Guilty pleasures, hmm.. nothing popped into mind straight away, but, everyone has something right?

I love listening to old songs, ABBA are the best if you want to have a dance around the house, whilst baking! Headphones on singing top volume (when no one else is home, obviously). Someone always walks in and frightens the life out of me!

I love old music I guess it must come from my parents, like Queen andΒ meatloaf. Isn’t it crazy how songs just last forever, especially a good Christmas tune!

I love the Sims, always have! I don’t have it any more and haven’t played it for a few years, but we used to have all of the sims 2 packs and expansions. I used to play on it for hours, I guess it’s kind of like a girls Xbox? Playing with families, creating drama and happiness all the time, I used to play a family for so many generations, just thinking about it makes me smile, is that bad?

My parents always went on about how much time I spent on it, I’d be on it all day everyday if I could. Now that I don’t have it and I’m too scared to buy sims 4, because of it’s addiction! I watch Zalfie’s Sims edition on YouTube. SimsΒ is definitely my greatest guilty pleasure. Anyone else go through a Sims obsession? I don’t blame you, it’s sooo good!

These are my guilty pleasures, hope you enjoyed!

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Thanks for reading,

Chloe Amanda



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