30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19

Day 19: Your biggest regret in life?

Hey there!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, welcome to day 19!

I try to live with no regrets, everything happens for a reason right? We learn from everything we do, some things we will never do again, some become our daily habits.

I think so far my biggest regret is not travelling, just taking the plunge and doing it, I came so close so many times, looking at flights, where to go the works. Obviously travel costs $$$ and lots of them! I am the type of person to be apprehensive before the situation, constantly thinking of the endless possibilities, but when I get there I am fine, which would probably be the same for travelling.

I have had two years out of education, which is ample time to have jetted off somewhere, but, I have only been to France and Spain both times have been family holidays, not really soul searching. I did take the plunge last summer to sign up for Camp America for the coming summer, which for me is an ideal way to travel, although I start off alone, I will quickly meet amazing new friends before going traveling.

I know when I have to leave America I am going to be so angry with myself that I hadn’t done it earlier and have no opportunity to go long term for a good three years, then I will be fresh out of university, not looking great on the financial side of things. But I will have the right qualifications to travel anywhere, I have the rest of my life to see the world. Like an all around the world cruise is only 99 days, so I should be good right?

Even though I regret not travelling, I am only 19 (20 this year) it’s something that I can easily change in the future. It’s not like I am throwing my life away by going to University!

What is your biggest regret? Is there anything you can do to change it?

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Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed,

Chloe Amanda



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