30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 25

Day 25: Someone who fascinates you and why?

Hey there!

Welcome to day 25, only 5 more days left of my 30 day writing challenge, I hope you have had lovely day!

I can’t stick to just one person, purely because they are a bit of a duo. It may be a bit cliché but my parents fascinate me, for many reasons.

a-mum-an-dadEver since I can remember I have always been in awe of my parents, how they both work hard to provide for our family, the love they share for both each other and me and my sister and I am so thankful for the life they have given us.

We moved two hours away from our family in 2003, at the time I was 6 and Lara 4. They both worked full time hours, my dad a carpenter and my mum in the police. Even though they were most probably exhausted, they still spent quality time with us on their days off, we used to spend all day Sunday as our family day.

We used to go for walks, to the beach for the day and finish it of with dad’s amazing Sunday Dinner. Yum!

Since we moved down here, we started horse riding, which isn’t cheap! They always make sure we are happy, my dad started working out in Sierra Leone when we were in secondary school, which was really hard for us as a family, as we are such a close unit. He did this to put us in a better financial position.

My mum then became technically, a single parent for a few years, my dad would be gone for 6 weeks, then back for 2 weeks. He missed a Christmas once, which was really upsetting, although he chatted with us and played games via Skype. Thanks god for the internet right?

My mum does a lot for all of us, to be fair my dad is useless around the house, I don’t think he even knows where the ironing board is or how to work things like the dishwasher, washing machine or the hoover. But she loves him anyways.

My parents are both in their second marriage and have been married for 21 years this July, they really do love each other and aren’t afraid to show it! Which you get used to, it has shaped what I want from a relationship, like all parents do. I am so lucky that my parents are still together, let alone completely crazy about each other.

These are the people that fascinate me, they things they do for our family and one another. They have shaped me to be the person I am today, and I am eternally grateful for that!

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Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading,

Chloe Amanda




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