30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 27

Day 27: A problem you have or have had in the past?


Welcome to day 27, hope you have had a great day!

One of the biggest problems I have overcome is definitely my confidence, I was shy and quiet as a child and throughout school, I have always enjoyed my own company, happy with a horse all day, everyday.

I believe confidence is vital to growth especially in teen girls, there is so much in the media, promoting a certain body type, the skinny girl, with beautiful skin, long legs and big assets! But no one is the same and no one should be pressured into thinking they have to look like anyone else! To quote Oscar Wilde ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken!’

I was never ashamed of the way I looked, obviously everyone has their weakness, personally I wish I had longer legs, but generally I never was embarrassed by the way I looked.

Having confidence to engage in conversation, being confident that you are interesting and can contribute. I am not quiet or shy to anyone I know well, but I know I can just fade in to the background, watching others in the limelight, if you know what I mean?

I have definitely overcome this shyness, I can still retreat into my shell, but it doesn’t happen that often, I feel a lot has changed since I have worked as a waitress, dealing with difficult situations and meeting so many new people.

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Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading,Chloe Amanda




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