30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: Something that you miss?

Hey there you!

Hope you are having a lovely day! Welcome to day 28, can you believe it’s March tomorrow? Where has the time gone?

There are endless things that I miss, everyone does, we grow up so fast and leave things in the past. I decided to do a few things that I miss, because I can’t single out one thing, can you?

  1. Childhood

I think everyone misses the essence of being a child, the way you can bond over building a sandcastle with someone you have never met and quite possibly will never see again. Everything is simple as a child, you live a carefree live, the most difficult thing was trying to colour inside the lines, they are possibly the best years of my life, I have so many fond memories from my childhood.

2. Spending all day smelling like a horse

For many summers, I would spend all day everyday with my horse at the stables, whether it be mucking around on hay bales, feeding the new lambs or watching baby piglets. I was entertained all day, covered in mud or horse poop, but I was happy! Exploring with a horse is pretty fun, jumping over broken trees, riding along the beach, in the sea. There was a new adventure everyday. Sadly now that I’m ‘all grown up’ I don’t have enough time to commit to having a horse and horses are expensive, but I cannot wait to get another horse when I’m a ‘settled’ adult.

3. Family Fun

I still try my best to spend plenty of time with my family, and we do! But, I say this because both me and my sister work on the weekend, the only time my dad is home. We used to spend a lot of time together, whether it be walking, or just chilling watching something. But, our lives go on, Lara wants to be out on a Saturday night, mum and dad want to be working in the garden or up hiding in his man cave. We kind of don’t have the same interests anymore, which is kind of sad, but family bonding time cannot be beaten.

What’s something you miss?

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Thanks for reading,

Chloe Amanda





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