30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 30!

Day 30: Your goals for the next 30 days?

Hey there guys!

Welcome to day 30, the end of my writing challenge, I hope you know a bit more about me, and my blog!

  • Post twice a week – This is quite a reasonable amount, posts will be more polished and not rushed!
  • Start painting/drawing more- I have taken a long break from anything artsy, but I am really feeling trying to get back into it!
  • Spend more time reading – I find it so hard to make time to read, I could definitely try to read in the morning.
  • Workout Daily – I am just doing 10 minute workouts to fit in to my everyday routine, working on getting abs! I like being able to do them at home, comfortable in my own surroundings!
  • Stay Healthy – Me and my boyfriend have recently really got into eating well, lots of fruit, salad and vegetables for me! I like eating healthy I feel so much better for it, but, sometimes I need a good chocolate bar!

Check out my 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading,

Chloe Amanda

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