My First Trip To London

Hey there, good evening!

This post is a week late, I went to London last Monday, but hey, it’s here now!

I know what your thinking, A British person that has never been to London?! What?! But, in my nearly 20 years of life, I have never had a reason to visit London, so just never went.

However for my Visa appointment a trip to London had to be made!

5.15 am Monday morning, already knackered, I rose from my pit in the darkness, half a cup of tea (sad, I know) I quickly changed and was ready to go!

By 6 am we were on the Megabus, settling in for our 7 hour drive to London, which is probably one of the reasons I have never been to London, it’s pretty far away!

Anyways, after the fun coach trip, we arrived in Victoria at about 1pm, we then walked for 45 minutes to our hotel.

We stayed at Z hotel, Gloucester Place. A lovely hotel, it almost looks like a house, it was a great stay, sadly it was for one night only. The bed was super comfy, tea and coffee facilities, much needed! And lovely, friendly staff. I would definitely return to this hotel, they offer discount for returning guests, what a great idea!

Z Hotel, Gloucester Place Chloe Amanda

We then headed out for a walk around and find the embassy for the following morning, before hitting up oxford street, I’m not going to lie, it was quite overwhelming, so many people (that don’t smile, I might add). I’m definitely more of an online shopper.

Later we met my Dad, as he works in London Monday to Friday. We had a walk around Baker street and Marylebone before finding a lovely pub to grab some dinner and wine! The Allsop Arms the food was lovely, the wine great, all quite reasonably priced for London (we thought so anyways).

Having to get up at 7.00 almost killed me, I was nervous about my appointment, for absolutely no reason! So didn’t make the most of the full continental breakfast at the hotel, although mum did and thoroughly enjoyed!

Off to my appointment, Visa approved!

It was 9.30 and the bus home wasn’t until five, so we went back to the hotel and had a little chill out on the bed, watching a bit of TV, before checkout at 11.00am.

We decided to check out some of the sights!

Marble Arch, Wellington Arch, Buckingham Palace, The Royal Mews, Hyde park, Green Park, Knightsbridge and I was heartbroken to find that there is no 221B Baker Street, ruined my dreams of a picture in front of Sherlock Holmes’ humble abode!

We walked everywhere, no cabs or tubes for us! We walked around 17,000 steps each day, including a 7 hour bus ride each day! I was dead to the world!

Deciding to get some food and rest our aching feet (hard work I know). We went to this beautiful little tea room & cafe, Cafe Bella Maria. It is beautifully decorated, the food was lush, the china and plates were all different, adding a quirkiness to the place, you can buy anything you can see, including a beautiful array of teapots!

Cafe Bella Maria, London, Chloe Amanda

WARNING! No one in London is capable of smiling! They have their passport face on, all day, everyday! We found it fun to say hello to people, or smile! People are a bit taken a back if you reply when they welcome you to the store!

All together we had an exhausting but, great time in London, it was a culture shock, that’s for sure! I will definitely be returning to see a bit more!

If there anywhere in London you recommend doing or seeing?

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

Chloe Amanda

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