7 Reasons You Need a Journal 

Hello and Welcome!

Are you the type of person that has a lot going on all at once? Flying up and down on an emotional roller coaster? Little a little dose of self confidence? Don’t want to share your problems with anyone?

I am the type of person that constantly has 1 million and 1 things to do, eventually I get overwhelmed and panic! Hence, the roller coaster of emotions! One minute I am singing, the next I start hysterically crying! 

I have a slight addiction to listening to Disney song playlists, I was singing away quite happily, until baby of mine came on from dumbo and I could feel the tears welling, before I eventually burst out crying! How children don’t cry watching these films baffles me! 

Back on topic! After discovering the benefits of having a journal for me, I thought I would share with you why YOU need to start!

  1. Stress Reliever – I find that seeing everything that is stressing you out, written on paper in front of you, makes you realise that there’s not a lot to do. Writing down your feelings helps ease them, the tears dry up, your muscles relax and you start to smile again!
  2. No Human Interaction required – As we become more open as a society, there are still somethings we don’t want to discuss! That is what is great about a journal, once you have written it, you can rip it out and burn it if you wish, no record of your pain or sadness anywhere!
  3. Organiser – Writing out things that need doing, helps you to prioritise them! Slowly working your way through them, putting a big fat tick next to them is a victory in itself, spurring you on!
  4. Record Holder – You need to start celebrating the little things, your eyeliner that didn’t take 7 attempts to get right or the perfect cup of tea you made! It doesn’t matter how small the victory, it will help boost your self-confidence. Celebrate you for once!
  5. Self reflection – Reward yourself, what do you want to change? How can you change it? Is that working well enough? Trial and error, being able to be critical but kind to yourself is great for self-improvement!
  6. It’s just for You! – You can keep it under lock and key if you wish, because it is for you, helping you become the best version of your self, someone you can be proud of!
  7. Vent! Vent and a bit more Venting! – You can get it off your chest, if it’s something someone said, you can off load those sassy comebacks that you failed to think of earlier! If your upset, release the root of the problem!

I hope this has encouraged you to think of getting a journal! This is my latest Journal, which I absolutely adore! A colourful Life by Susan Hable. It has these lovely patterned pages, quotes and self-love pages! Great for some doodles!


Good Luck with our Journalling adventures,

Thanks for reading,

Chloe Amanda

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