For Who Could Ever Learn to Love a Beast?

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I have been so excited to see the 2017 Beauty and the Beast film! I have had a mental note of the release date for months, I love all things Disney! I am so glad I went to see it! AMAZING!

Belle is a down to earth ‘Princess’ who cares for the education of children, Emma Watson supports charities that promote women, gender equality and the right to education, she was great at portraying Belle’s gentle, kind and educated nature!

The story of the Beauty and the Beast is obviously well known, but this film featured some new adaptations, such as the first gay character, La Foe, played brilliantly by Josh Gadd (even if Olaf did spring to mind!).

I love the story, full of many morals such as, consequence, love, kindness and loneliness. For me, Belle is very relatable, I come from a small county in rural west wales, where people spend their entire lives, everyone knows each other and everyone is happy here! For me, Pembrokeshire is lovely, I do love the rural setting, 5 minutes from the beach, but there is a whole world to see out there, I want to see it, breathe it!

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell…

Both the Beauty and the Beast are lonely in two totally different ways, the beast has isolated himself because of his appearance, scared to let anyone in. The Prince is used to a completely different lifestyle, ironically similar to Gaston, an air of arrogance surrounding him, all the girls swooning, begging to be his wife. Underneath his scary facade lies an educated man, deprived of love and nurturing!

Whereas Belle, is segregated from the rest of the village because she is different, educated and bookish, Belle does not bend to fit the uniformity of the ‘poor provincial town’. I am all for a bit of Girl Power, which is portrayed so well in this film! Belle is a sassy, bold and daring character, replacing her father as the Beast’s prisoner, refusing several marriage proposals and dinner invitations! As Maurice put it, she is very head strong! I couldn’t agree more!

This film features the Prince being saved for once, us women save men every day, how would they cope without us? The Prince and his staff had been enchanted, the prince for his arrogance, failing to shelter an old woman from the storm. The staff suffered as they failed to positively influence and nurture the prince in his upbringing after his mother died. Really putting the pressure on for a love connection, poor Belle.

Due to the kindness of Belle’s actions, helping the beast recover after an attack from a pack of wolves, the pair realise they have a common interest, in literature. After some bonding and changing of their initial perceptions, their relationship begins to bloom.

And then there are the songs! How I love the songs, it’s not Disney without the songs! Emma Watson was spectacular, I am so impressed! To be fair everyone was amazing, but the pressure was clearly on as the main character! I couldn’t stop smiling and tapping my feet throughout the film, the song ‘Gaston’ was one of my favourites!

All together, an amazing film, full of depth and those classic Disney morals! I can’t wait to get it on DVD, to keep forever!

What were your opinions of the film?

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