Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Hello and Welcome,

Beauty, a desire of many.

We see the natural beauty of those who are incredibly photogenic, have a great physique or cheek bones that don’t need to be contoured, making us secretly envious!

People spend thousands of pounds on surgeries and treatments, does it make them more beautiful? To some maybe, others not at all, but all that matters is how that one person feels about themselves, it’s about boosting their confidence to take on the world.

We all have our own perception of beauty, for me I like the simple pleasures, I love nature, seeing spring Lambs bouncing around, the still and choppy waves of the ever-changing sea and the beautiful blossoming of flowers! I can’t help the smile and dazed stare that washes across my face, for in that moment I am content watching the beauty of the world.

But what is beauty to you? Chloe Amanda Logo

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