Hush Little Brain, It’s Time for Bed

As I lay down in my bed, my brain begins to go into overload, dashing here, there and back again. I end up not knowing where I started, I then begin to trace back through my thoughts back to that first light bulb moment, I quite like this little game with myself, even if I should be sleeping. It’s like Sherlock Holmes’ mind palace, apart from the fact mine is going backwards not forwards.

For the many nights I crave sleep, my brain refuses to be silent. Playing tricks on me, seeing that innocent coat as a hooded man in the darkness of my bedroom, the impossible footsteps outside and the constant thought of someone watching me. I am my own worst enemy at night, scared of every possibility.

A quick meditation, my brain begins to unwind, slowly letting go it’s firm grip of my body, my eyes begin to close and my body shut down, drifting away, but I know in a few hours I will wake, scared of the darkness, reaching for any light, quickly reassured by the safety of the light, before falling back into my peaceful sleep.

How do you tell your brain to let go?

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