The Garden of my Dreams

As I sit, overlooking our rural garden, full of green grass, buses and trees. The wind blows through, unsteadying the fragile daffodils but poses no threat for the giant conifers. The little birds feeding at their stations, waiting for the appearance of a crow or magpie. As the sun begins to rise high in the sky, shining its light on the blossoming flowers, there is still shade over the vegetable boxes.

I have many fond memories of this garden, the newts we have rescued around the pond, the way the dogs play for hours on end and the never ending amount of family moments that were captured here!

A cup of tea is always the best way to enjoy the garden, sipping away, taking in a deep breath of clean, crisp air. Our garden is a place of serenity, there is no sound, apart from the birds singing to one another, a beautiful melody. Today the sky is clear, blue with no clouds to block the sun’s warming rays.

Spring is a lovely time to get outside and enjoy the Garden! What do you love most about your garden?

Thanks for reading,

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