There Are Somethings We Keep to Ourselves

We all keep secrets, some smaller than others. In society secrecy is everywhere, whether we like it or not, there is always going to be something kept from us, whether it is the way someone feels or government intelligence.

Where there is scandal, there is secrecy, scandal is just airing someones dirty laundry, right? What people do for money astounds me! Sadly, that is what the public eye feed off, the insecurities and secrets of celebrities. Why do we want to know so badly about their failing relationships and love affairs?

Why do we keep secrets? Because we feel we are saving someone the harsh pain of the truth, Scared of someone knowing our deepest secrets or maybe we just don’t even know where to start?! We all keep secrets, even if it is something small, secrets are always personal, so why shouldn’t we keep them to ourselves, unless obviously it’s something that can land us in trouble or danger.

Are secrets really as bad as they seem?

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