What Does It Take To Be Kind

It takes nothing to be kind, a little courtesy here and there can make such a massive difference to both yours and others day. Maybe a smile whilst walking the streets of London, holding the door open for someone or helping someone overcome the struggle of a pushchair and steps.

In this world today, we are all too busy trying to be efficient and productive that we push our kind ways to the back of our brain. But, we need to just stop, take in our surroundings and get a good dose of social interaction!

When others are kind to you, how does it make you feel? Good, Right? So why not do that for others? In my daily job I get paid to be kind and social, but it’s not always an act, there are people I have met who make my day better instantly. Then there are others who have lost there kind traits, but, my motto is ‘Kill them with kindness’.

What do you do to spread the kindness?

Thanks for reading,

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