Inside Us Lives A Whole New World

We each have dreams that we have never told a soul, a little place of happiness growing somewhere inside us, nurturing these dreams and goals, to be vivid and achievable.

Our inner self is a complicated matter, whether we are happy, sad or confused, no one will ever truly understand the way we feel, the reasons behind our actions. Everyone is unique, because of what happens inside them, their feelings, dreams and difficulties.

There is something inside all of us that longs to be rewarded for our efforts, a bit of appreciation from others. Does this make everyone a people pleaser? No, why shouldn’t we strive for recognition? Be proud of ourselves?

We may hide behind many masks, that fake smile or bright eyes. There is always a time when we need to rip them of and let our soul breathe, it is almost to much too handle, the rage of built up emotions, firing up inside us.

What happens when you rip of the Mask?

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