March Monthly!

Hey there!

March has been another busy month, how time flies! The birth of spring, the clocks go forward and life seems to pass me by.

At the beginning of the month, I took my first trip to London! Which was amazing, I was so surprised to love London as much as I did, being a little country bumpkin! That trip feels so long ago, but, I will definitely be returning! My Visa has been approved and returned, ready for the coming summer, which is now not far away (really starting to scare me!).

A good friend of mine got married, a great party! Was nice to have a dance and celebrate. I have got a new car this week, which I am so happy about, but have to pay for, not quite so nice! I have wavered a bit with healthy eating and daily exercise, but on the whole quite good, getting my summer bod in shape, who isn’t?

Obviously, the highlight of the month was watching Beauty and the Beast, an amazing film! Even bought the song ‘Gaston’ because it was so good, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Check out the full post!

Goals For April

  1. Daily workout and healthy eating – I am naturally a slim build, but I am working on getting a stronger core, hoping for a little six pack if I am honest!
  2. Consistency – Key I know, I am hoping to post everyday, A smaller post. Every Wednesday, a dedicated lifestyle post. Which I think is doable!
  3. Money – Saving it! Which is not going to be easy, as I go on holiday at the end of April and ASOS calls me! But, I am going to try my best!

I am going on holiday for 2 weeks at the end of April, when I get back I only have 16 days before I head to New York! Exciting, but, a lot to do and get done! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry right now!

How has your month been? What are your Goals for April?Chloe Amanda Logo

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