Bring on the Summer

You can tell it’s the start of summer here, a popular seaside resort in Wales. All the tell tale signs, disposable barbecues, beer and sun cream, not to forget the annoyance of sand everywhere!

I get the appeal, when the sun is shining, it is possibly the one of the most beautiful places I know, the blue sea glistening, golden sand and the holiday atmosphere. But, you can guarantee it would never be so beautiful on my days off.

But for people in work, this is not a holiday! Dealing with ridiculous complaints, like the ‘chips are too hot!’ This was a genuine complaint, I tried really hard to hold back the laughter. The sand, how I loathe sand! It gets everywhere, ugh. It’s a hard and grueling time for staff at these destinations, so please remember that we are humans not robots.

This is the start of the season, this craziness will only get worse, not finishing until October time. I am so glad that I’m sitting this summer out, after working three full summer and a further four (easier) summers, I deserve one off.

What does the Sun change about your life?

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