Let the Brightness Lift You

The contrast between winter and spring is immense, instead of those dreary dark days in the dead of Winter, Spring brings the sun from behind the clouds like an encouraging friend from the past, releasing the brightness everywhere.

I happen to be one of those who is woken by light, this morning after only 5 hours of sleep, I woke before my alarm, believing it to be late morning, surprised to find it was 7.21am, not my normal wake up call at all.

The bright and early mornings inspire me to get up and be productive! Which is a good thing, I am finally dragging myself into a good routine, blogging, workout and chill time before I go to work! Bonus!

I love feeling like there is more to the day, walking to and from work, in the daylight is one of my favourite things, it just makes the day seem that little bit longer.

This past weekend has been probably the sunniest and warmest of the year, but sadly I spent it indoors, in bed with tonsillitis (very typical). It is something I used to suffer with a kid, not having it for years and BOOM it’s back, when you least expect it! I am almost sick of eating Ice cream! On the plus side I think I have had a complete body detox, with the amount of water I have been drinking and soup I have been eating! I am now on antibiotics to finally kick it, so should be feeling 100% soon!

I am hoping these sunny, bright days are staying put for a while so I can make the most of them!

What do you love about the long, bright days?

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