Primark Haul: April 2017

Hello and Welcome!

The closest Primark to me is about an 60-90 minute drive away, it’s like a day out to Primark, I love it! For this Haul I had holiday and my summer at camp in mind so it was more about basics than pretty things, but, don’t you just love it when they both come together?

Primark Accessories
Hair Clips – £2

I love these hair clips, they are ideal for pulling hair out of your face, without putting it up completely. I love the muted colours of these clips, my hair is dark blonde so these colours suit it quite well.

Primark Haul 2017, accessories
Black Choker with Pearl £1.50

Chokers have become a bit of a craze, that I am only just getting to know, but I love them! A small detail that really pulls an outfit together!

Primark Haul 2017, Accessories
2 Piece Choker Set – £2

I love the colours of this set, they are quite dainty and feminine, I am really looking forward to trying these out! (Especially the grey)

Primark Haul 2017, Accessories
5 Pack, Silver Hoops – £1

Hoops! How I love hoops.

This pack is so well priced I couldn’t leave them there, I don’t know about you, but earrings seem to disappear all the time, like there is a little lost earring collecter fairy or something! I like the smaller hoops for more casual wear, the bigger hoop for an occasion!

Primark Haul 2017
5 pack, ‘No Kink’ bobble

I am yet to try out these ‘No Kink’ bobble, whether they work or not is yet to be found, but these were cute, some are clear and others have this iridescent shine to them!

Primark Haul 2017, Homeware
Tropical Beach Towel £4.50

Some people rave on about how the quality in Primark isn’t so good, but I have bought beach towels before and they seem to last quite a while, obviously they don’t keep the extra softness about them, but they still do the job! I love the pattern on this one and for £4.50 you can’t go wrong!

Primark Shorts
Navy Floral Shorts – £4

I love the fit of these shorts, I not a fan of shorts that cling to your front (I don’t really know why) unless they are denim because they have the button detail. These shorts are floaty and soft, ideal for getting on and off quickly. No bum wiggling for me!

Primark Haul 2017, Shorts
Patterned Shorts £4 each

I bought 3 different pairs, I love the patterns and colours, Bring on the Summer!

Primark Haul 2017, Dresses
Gingham Smock Dress – £8

I love this style of dress and gingham, so put them together and it’s gonna be great! I cannot wait to wear this dress!

Primark Haul 2017, Hoodie
Navy Zip Up Hoodie – £7

I like the idea of being able to put these on under a jacket or something, I’m thinking this will be ideal for the plane, because it’s just so soft!

Primark Haul 2017, Tops
Mixture Of Tops

These are just basic tops (for Camp) in various colours and patterns. The plain white vest tops are just £1.80, the other vests, £2.50 each and the others are £3. Definitely the place for tops that are going to be worn to death!

Primark Haul 2017, Pyjamas
Disney PJ’s £10 for the set

Every time I see these PJ’s I scream a little inside, I love them! They are cotton, so ideal for those warm summer nights! Plus they are covered in Disney, what’s not to love?

Primark Haul 2017
‘Cosy’ Leggings £2

These leggings, are really soft on the inside (hence the ‘Cosy’) I have quite short legs, these are the perfect length for me, making me get 3 pairs!

There were more socks, bras and knickers but you don’t need to see them! I love having small boobs, my bra’s literally cost £2 (Love It) whereas my sister pays something like £40. I bought cushioned trainer socks a pack of three for £1.80, stocked up on those! I also get the invisible socks for Vans and dolly shoes, they are £2.50 for 5.

Hope you enjoyed this post! (Let me know in the comments!)

What do you love most about Primark?

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