Fresh Beach Walk!

Hello and welcome!

How is your Monday? (Bank holidays are the best right?) Today we had a bit of family time at Freshwater West Beach, Pembrokeshire. This is one of my favourite beaches, even though it is always windy! (Fresh is definitely the word) Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire

This is the perfect beach for a lovely walk, there is always a lot of people about, with the same idea. An ideal beach for paddle boards and body boards (all available for hire). There are rock pools to search, sand dunes to fall on and blades of sharp dune grass to prick you (not really sure if it has a name, all I know is it hurts!).

This beach is home to a few famous movie scenes, 2010 Robin Hood film and The Shell House from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (cue incredibly cringe photo from a 8 years ago).

Shell House, Harry Potter
Me and Lara, Freshwater West 2009

Although the cottage was taken down after filming, it still is pretty cool that it was filmed here in Pembrokeshire and Dobby was buried here.

Exploring the rock pools, our two dogs, Lola and Rayne (check out a bit more) don’t particularly like water, they are up for a paddle but no swimming (maybe it’s a big dog thing?). We are currently dog sitting Archie, a Jack Russell cross Shih Tzu I believe, who does like water and doesn’t like to come back (hence the lead dragging behind him, just in case we can’t get close to him) It is quite funny to watch someone chase a dog across the beach because they stole another dogs ball.

Overall, a rather windy but lovely walk across Freshwater West Beach, finished to perfection with a stop at Cafe Mor, a really cute little hut/trailer, using local seafood, switching up a classic burger with laverbread (seaweed) was so good, beware for there are queues! (note: the following image is from the Cafe Mor Website)

Cafe Mor
Cafe Mor

What have you been up to today?

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Freshwater West Pembrokshire



  1. Hey Chloe,

    The text in the first pic is not visible. Not sure if you can do it but if you can use a google map plug in to show the exact location will be great.

    I am a rookie here so don’t mind if my comments are way off. I would appreciate if you have any feedback for my blog.



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