Is There a Foolproof Way To Conquer Blogging?

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Does anyone really know what they are doing, I don’t feel like I have been in the blogging world for very long (even if I have got 68 published posts) I still feel like a newbie, I love writing and have committed a lot of time to the way things look, developing my own ‘style’, taking pictures, creating graphics, because I want this to work.

I love new experiences, blogging is really pushing me to have more fun or be more productive, a question I ask myself daily ‘Can I blog about this?’. I love that you can post about whatever you want and somewhere around the world someone reads it. I love reading other people’s blogs, their experiences and advice (fashion blogs and lifestyle are my favourite).

I have set up a Bloglovin’ page (which kind of looks after itself) But I find that the other blogs on there are too big to be helpful, please comment if you are on Bloglovin’ (I would love some new blogs to follow). I have cleaned up and dedicated time to my Pinterest account, which I am kind of obsessed with! (I have always loved Pinterest) In the past 10 days I have gone from 2k monthly views to 21.2k and gained nearly 30 new followers. Kind of crazy.

As of today I have reached 100 followers on WordPress, for me that is kind of a big deal (considering I wanted 50 by January 2018) It is so amazing how this blogging stuff works, how good it makes me feel, how excited I get by comments and new followers. (I would love to say a quick thank you!)

Which leads me to the question, is there a foolproof way to start blogging? I think it is much more personal than most believe, as it all depends what you post, how good your content is and how engaging you want to be? Or am I wrong?

I would love to know what you think makes a good blog? Or some top tips?

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  1. I can relate. I’ve dedicated a lot of time to my blog recently, but still look at it and ask myself: “Is this enough” or “Am I even doing this right?” I think the main thing I’ve had to come to terms with in blogging is believing what I’ve always told myself which is that I’m doing it for myself first and if I get readers, comments, likes, etc, that’s just icing on the cake.


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