April Monthly!

Hello and Welcome!

Another month has passed us all by (at the speed of lightning I might add) April brings the start of summer, spring in full bloom and we all have those summer flutters welling up inside us. As I sit to write this, I have finished work ready for my holiday at the end of the month, which is such a good feeling, when I get back from my holiday I only have three days left in work before flying to America! Exciting!


I have finally sorted out money for america, The post office can give you a free travel card, similar to your normal bank card, where you can load 13 different currencies and use it anywhere that takes master-card. You can’t go over the limit, anyone back home with your bar code can top it up for you and you can manage it online. It’s going to be ideal for travelling.

I have been so bad at keeping up with my workout routine this month, after having tonsillitis for a week, I just stopped, which has totally not helped my summer body dreams!

It has been an expensive month for me and I really need to work on saving some more money even if I am going travelling, I need to stop slow my addiction to ASOS and TKmaxx which is going to be quite painful.

This month I have reached 100 followers (currently 120) which was a huge thing for me, I don’t ‘promote’ my blog on social media (apart from Pinterest and a little link in my insta bio) so I feel this small victory is big, I love the blogging world and I am glad that people enjoy what I post.

Goals for May:

  1. Enjoy my holiday – this is the first holiday me and Miguel are going on alone, which will be great, I am really looking forward to some sun and it will be nice to have some alone time.
  2. Finally Get sorted for Camp – A few bits and bobs (it’s always the same) just getting ready for the summer ahead! EEK! I am so excited!
  3. Get on the plane – at the end of May I get on a plane solo, which is going to be a completely new experience for me, but I can’t wait for the adventure, meeting new people and seeing the world!

What are the highlights of your month? What are your goals for May?


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