My Darling Doggies

Hello and Welcome!

Today I am going to share with you all there is to know about my darling Dogs, Rayne and Lola. They are part of the family but get treated more like royalty, we love our dogs, my mum often says ‘I want to come back as a Taylor dog’. They both have individual personalities, do you ever just imagine how your dog would be if they were human?

Italian Spinone

Meet Lola, a 10 year old Italian Spinone. She is queen of the castle, she wants, she gets! Quite possibly the most docile dog you will ever meet! Lola loves attention, if you stop fussing her she will ‘paw’ you to continue, she loves long naps in the sun (I’m surprised she hasn’t been cooked alive in our conservatory) She is such a groaner, especially in her old age, letting out a disapproving sigh at almost everything. (As I write this she groaning because she led down, scratching her head, maybe her ears are burning?!)

The Spinone Italiano is an Italiandog breed. It was originally bred as a versatile gun dog. To this day, the breed still masters that purpose. The Spinone is a loyal, friendly and alert dog with a close lying, wiry coat. It is an ancient breed that can be traced back to approximately 500 BC. – Wikipedia

Lola is orange and white (a breed thing) basically means shes a light sandy colour. Weighing 36+ kilos, she isn’t a lap dog and she knows it, she will happily rest her head or legs on you but that’s about it, if you get in her way she will just push you off.

You can tell in these photos Lola’s need for attention, the sorry look on her face in the collar and the nose in the photo, because someone bent down to take a photo.

The first thing you spot about Lola is her beard, it is not pleasant! She has super drool, make sure you duck when she shakes! We do try to wash it, but she hates brushing and bathing, really hates it, giving you the old growl and nose flinches!

Although Lola may be getting old, she still plays and jumps around like a puppy, her favourite time of day is wake up time, out for her morning wee and the best part, TREAT TIME! Lola goes crazy for her morning treat, making more fuss than Rayne, Lola is really clever and tries to con her way to two treats, by going to the treat spot when someone else gets up. (The only thing that gives her away is Rayne, who just looks really confused!)

I love the photo of her chewing her nails, something she always seemed to be doing in her younger days, you can’t not love those big eyes, all droopy.


Welcome Rayne!

Rayne (Said like Rain/Reign) is the newest addition to our family, now a 2 year (growing so fast). She is a giant Schnauzer in salt and pepper (another breed thing) Her mother is a traditional salt and pepper and her dad was a lot darker, leaving her with a very dark face. Rayne weighs about 36 kilos, she doesn’t realise how big she is, she is quite happy to flop on you for a cuddle!

The Giant Schnauzer is a workingbreed of dog developed in the 17th century in Germany. It is the largest of the three breeds of Schnauzer—the other two breeds being the Standard Schnauzer and the Miniature Schnauzer. Numerous breeds were used in its development, including the black Great Dane, the Bouvier des Flandres, and the German Pinscher. Originally bred to assist on farms by drivinglivestock to market and guarding the farmer’s property, the breed eventually moved into the city, where it worked guarding breweries, butchers’ shops, stockyards and factories. It was unknown outside of Bavaria until it became popular as a military dog during World War I and World War II.

We have these hammocks that we use in the car, they are amazing! I have a small Citroen C1 and can easily take both of our dogs in there, so ideal so small car users! However, Rayne here had jumped over the hammock onto the front seat after a trip to he beach!

Rayne, Giant Schnauzer

This was the first time she went to the groomers, but we didn’t like how short the coat was, now she has it a little longer (I can’t believe how white and old she looks!)

Rayne is quite possibly the most loving family dog we have ever had, both Lola and our old dog, Jess worship my mum, whereas Rayne loves everyone! She does match the destructive trait, we don’t buy squeaky toys as she rips them apart in about 3 minutes, we search for ‘indestructible’ toys but Rayne still ruins them. If anything she likes soft toys, like teddies she carries them around for a lot longer!

Although the breed is said to be ‘potentially aggressive’ Rayne definitely is not! She is great with strangers, although both our dogs get confused when out walking and people don’t have dogs, they are more cautious.

This was Rayne as a baby, as Rayne is still the baby she loves to play, dragging Lola off the sofa for play time, the worst is when they play on the beach, as Rayne makes this loud, high pitch sort of bark/screech which echos off the cliffs. (Not so fun) Both Rayne and Lola are best friends, Lola gets a little jealous when Rayne gets new friends.

Both Rayne and Lola aren’t fans of the water, they paddle but don’t swim, I don’t know whether it is a big dog thing or maybe they just don’t fancy it?!

Hope you enjoyed this post

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