2 Weeks Today!

Hello there!

It is only 2 weeks until I start the biggest adventure of my life so far. In exactly 2 weeks I will be on a plane flying to New York, ready to start a summer of camp counseling. There is still so much I need to do, it seems like an endless list!

It still hasn’t fully sunk in that I will not be able to hug my family or boyfriend for 4 months! This is what scares me the most, missing them. They play such a huge part o my daily life, I was ready to come home after 2 weeks on holiday to see them and my beautiful doggies!

I don’t want this desire to be around family ruin my experience and I am confident that I will be so busy making new friends, experiencing a different culture and ridin’ solo, that it won’t be such a big deal, especially with face-time and Imessaging available.

This is the first time I will be alone, that is a scary thought.

Family are the people we turn to when we need a laugh, hug or cry, not having them there at the ready is alien to me. But a learning curve it will be!

I cannot wait to meet the people I will be sharing the summer with, already have plans to visit Hawaii after camp finishes, alongside a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, I am so excited to create friendships that will last a lifetime.

I am so lucky to have such amazing support, both my bosses have let me take a whole summer off, for the tourist industry this is normally unspeakable! They get the bigger picture and I am so grateful for that! I have a leaving party on friday, which I am excited for, probably my last alcoholic beverage before becoming underage again (not that it bothers me).

So these next two weeks are where I am going to make the most of every moment here, spending it with my family. Stocking up on the love!

If you are a frequent jet setter and have any travel tips or ways to deal with homesickness, I would love to hear them!


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