How I like ‘Me Time’

Hello and Welcome!

‘Me time’ is the time when I need to be alone, in order to keep myself sane and rejuvenate myself to carry on with my everyday life. Am I the only one?

  1. Bath – The world is out at ease in a bath, a beautifully fragrant and preferably pink bath bomb, some candles and background meditation music. Take me there now!
  2. Film – I love being surrounded by pillows and drowned in my duvet, tucked up for a film in bed. Obviously, the best films are Disney! Happy sing-along films, enough to make anyone smile!
  3. Music – I love blasting music and singing my heart out, even if I can’t hold a single note. It lifts my spirits and prepares me for the day, I tend to do this on my way to work, because everyone needs lifted spirits before work!
  4. Meditation – It is so calming and really focuses me, brings me back to earth, concentrating on myself, something so simple and definitely essential!
  5. Reading – Being transported to a new world, getting to know characters and fully involving yourself in a book, there is no better way to zone out and forget about any worries you might have.

What do you do for me time? What helps you relax and refocus?


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  1. Yes! Literally I do most of these things. Nothing better than a Disney movie or a great book. Can’t say I’ve ever been able to get into the whole “bath” thing though, I just can’t seem to relax when I am in there.

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  2. I am so on board with watching Disney flicks while wrapped neck-deep in comfy blankets! Great list and a good reminder of what I need to do to combat daily stresses, decompress, and invest in some solid ‘me’ time. I definitely consider writing and blogging as valuable ‘me’ time that is enjoyable and productive, so it’s kind of the best of both worlds!

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