My High Street Shoe Collection

Hello and Welcome!

I am obsessed with heels, although I never really where them apart from the odd wedding or occasion, if I go ‘out’ I tend to wear flats or heeled boots. Comfortable and beautiful (there is such a thing). I love that your shoe size is with you for life, it means I see every pair of shoes as an investment as they will last me forever, not like my dress size.

I remeber getting my first pair of heels, a pair of black stilettos from new look, I must have been young because my parents hated the fact that I had bought them, I never really wore them, only secretly in my room.

From that day on my shoes collection has become a bit extensive and my love of heels eternal! Which is what brings me (and you) here today, every pair of heels stuffed into my wardrobe, why I love them and how little I have worn them. Here Goes!

Shoe Collection
Miss Selfridge Heels

These were my prom shoes from 2013, which kind of scares me. I lasted the whole night in these, they are super comfy! I still love these shoes and have probably wore them once since, but who can bear to throw out prom shoes or dresses?

Shoe Collection
Daisy Street Heels

One of my more recent purchases, I always want to wear these but end up going with something else, I love the crazy detail on the toes and the way they tie up and the colour, really there is nothing I don’t love about these shoes apart from the fact that I have never worn them.

Shoe Collection
River Island

Seeing these shoes makes me smile so badly, they are just so me! I love statement pieces and boy are these a statement, I have only worn these once, probably because they are a little more difficult to put with an outfit.

DSC_0009 (2)

Possibly my least favourite pair in the collection, a) they are so difficult to get on and off b) they look like stripper shoes and c) they aren’t that comfortable.


These were cheap and I like them, but they are a bit ruined, they are nightclub or house party shoes, no nice photos in these!

New Look

I have had these for quite a few years, I love slingback shoes, the way they look and feel. I wouldn’t buy wedges anymore, I feel that they put you off balance easily, anyone agree? But I do Love these shoes.

New Look

These are the ruined white shoes, they are the pair that go on after the pretty white shoes have had their time in front of the camera, these poor things are ruined, very scuffed and muddy!

New Look

These are my wedding guest/picture shoes, they are comfortable to wear all day and look great with everything, what’s not to love?


Shoe Collection
Miss Selfridge

I LOVE THESE! I had my eye on them for ages, before they became the last pair in the shop, when I cracked and had to buy them! Now fairly old and hardly worn, these are possibly my favourites (not that your supposed to have favourites) I love how chunky and bejewelled they are, the silver heel, they look great with any LBD.

DSC_0004 (2)
New Look

I bought these for my 18th birthday, comfortable but I don’t know if I love them, not sure how I feel about shiny.

Shoe Collection
New Look

Comfortable, pretty colour and a reasonably low heel, but I have never found anything to wear with them.

Shoe Collection

Miguel bought me these for our first Christmas together and I love them, the colour is beautiful and I love the style! They are a tidy shoe, for occasions only.

That wraps up my Heel collection, I would love to know if you enjoyed this post? Do you have any favourites in your collection?


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