Summer Update and Goals for Autumn 2017

Hello and Welcome!

I have had an amazing summer full of memories that will be with me forever! This post is just a snippet of some of the highlights of the past four months, a really small snippet.

Highlight numero uno – I SAW A WILD BEAR! Me and a fellow counselor were on a trail ride, just plodding along before a massive black bear walked across the road about 10m in front of us, he or she (who really knows) stopped and stared for about 30 seconds before running off, we were both a bit startled and didn’t really know what to do but it was more afraid of us than we were of it. So that was pretty cool!

The amazing camp Ponies! I loved more or less every single one but there were a select few that became my favourites (it happens)! It is surprising how much you grow to care for them, I became known as the pony princess for my love of the smallest ponies at camp, a title I am quite proud of!

Summer Goals

Check out my Summer as a camp counselor post for more about my summer!

Goals for Autumn:

  1. University – I am officially a student! So goodbye money! My goal is to stay on top of my finances, not spending too much etc, sorry ASOS.
  2. New Experiences – This summer I learnt that it is so important to do something new, maybe visit a pumpkin patch, getting a bit festive.
  3. Love everything about being home – Spending my summer days in 25+ degrees heat, i have come to appreciate the cold, i love snuggling up for a nice movie on the sofa, watching the log fire burn, even if it is only for half an hour before you start roasting alive! I love living in the middle of nowhere, close to the beach. I really appreciate the beauty of feeling safe which is kind of crazy!
  4. Blogging – Sadly I neglected my blog whilst I was away, which kills me inside because I love writing, so it is definitely one of my top priorities to get back into blogging, I have recently set up a designated insta Blog Page, I would love it if you gave it a follow!

That is my 4 month update for you, i’m sorry it has been so long, thank you for reading!

Do you have any goals for the next month or Autumn in general? I would love to here them!


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