10 Travel Tips for the USA

Hello and Welcome!

Over the past summer I spent a month actually ‘travelling’ the USA, a month that has filled me with the ‘yay’s’ and ‘nay’s’ of travelling. I learnt a lot fairly early on and I think it’s only right to share that knowledge with you!

  1. Don’t bring suitcases – Although perfect for a holiday suitcases are a big No No! A major issue for me was stairs or any form of risen surface for that matter, I got pretty good a maneuvering a 20kg suitcase by the end of the month, but suitcases get in the way, they don’t fit anywhere and they are an awkward shape for things like trains and pavements. I highly recommend getting a back pack
  2. Day Passes for transport – In most places you can get a day, 2 day or weekly passes for public transport, obviously bear in mind how long you are staying etc. For Boston we had a Daily pass, which was $12, it worked out to be amazing value as we used it all day for long and short journeys.
  3. Always have a plan B – If your public transport is late, not running etc, make sure there is another way to get somewhere, allow yourself plenty of time to get somewhere before you need to be there, especially in major cities as traffic can be a problem.
  4. Eat well, sleep well – Although you are probably on a tight budget, eating happens to be a necessity, we can’t be productive without food, so make sure you eat enough and eat nutritious food. Trust me you will need it. Sleep is crucial, we all know what it is like trying to deal with things when your tired, everything becomes irritating and annoying, avoid the drama and get some sleep!
  5. Drink plenty of water – It is surprising how much water you need to stay hydrated on a cloudy day, especially when walking the sights, take time of of the sun for lunch and let your body rest.
  6. The USA is expensive – It can cost anywhere between $17-70 to stay somewhere, if hostels are full you have to splash out for a hotel. You can get some good public transport deals, but keeping on the go all the time does get expensive, look for overnight travel to avoid having to pay for accommodation, usually it makes the fair cheaper as well.
  7. Spend time with nature – Although travelling around the more rural parts of America can be challenging, there is always some hidden gems waiting to be found.
  8. Act like a local – You want to get to know what it’s like to live there, meet new people find out what they enjoy doing.
  9. Hostels are not as bad as they seem – I had never stayed in a hostel before, my first experience was a 12 bed mixed dorm, just jumped right into it! It was actually surprisingly a really good experience, met new people and slept fairly well.
  10. Fill up on Free museums – There is loads of free stuff to do around America, maybe a picnic in central park, self-guided tours or free museums. Sometimes they have a suggested donation, but you only need to give a quarter. I thoroughly enjoyed the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C, it was absolutely fascinating.


Thanks you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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