Camp Counselor: A Day In the Life

6.15am – wake up, sneak around the bunk without waking up campers make way outside

6.20am – sit outside take in the scenery, the only way to wake up that early!

6.30am – be at barn to get horses in and feed!

7am – back to the dorm to wake up the campers, ensure room will win room inspection, make sure campers are ready for the day ahead!

7.25am – be at breakfast with your teabag from home and dish some out to other counsellors, breakfast time!

8am – campers ready to go down to the barn, head down to the barn, help them get their pony, groom and tack up.

8.30am – should be in the ring ready to ride, normally the mornings were jumping lessons so a lot of pole lifting! If you weren’t teaching this period you were poo picking paddocks, sounds fun right?! It really wasn’t that bad

10am – bring your riding group back to the barn to untack, wash horses if necessary, campers clean tack

10am -12pm BARN TIME! Me personally I loved being in the barn as it meant I could see my favourite ponies ๐Ÿ˜Š we had 39 horses in everyday! Which meant mucking out their stall with anywhere between 1-5 other counsellors, we then hay and water them!

12-12.30 – get children ready for lunch

12.30 – lunch, making sure your campers are eating enough was a huge war for me as I had the younger campers who would get bored or ‘full’ luckily the idea of not being able to have ice cream afterwards made my life easier.

1.45 back to the barn for either teaching or barn work, lessons were 1 1/2 hours, if you were in the barn this period you would feed and put out the horses if it wasn’t too hot, then muck out their stalls ready for the morning, hay and water! This was generally when we took care of any injuries, cleaning wounds or just giving a bit of tlc to the older ponies.

3.45-5.45 – last period possibly teaching, or finishing things up at the barn, a general tidy was always welcome! If there were horses to be ridden this is when it would be done.

5.45-6.30 help children clean up around the barn, clean their tack, put their stuff away etc. Then head up and get them ready for dinner.

6.30-7 dinner time, again battling about how essential it is to eat!

7-7.30 any campers that weren’t already showered took the time to do so before evening activity!

7.30-8.30 evening activity, a range of trash bag fashion show, talent shows, board games, cooking or general energy burning games.

8.30 -9 tidy your room, campers take it in turn hoovering, tidying etc. It’s shocking how messy your room gets during the day!

9-9.30 – quiet time, as I had campers under 12 our bedtime was 9.30 whereas those over is 10, me personally I loved being in bed thy early!

That is repeated six days a week, it is the best experience I have ever had, I cannot recommend Camp America enough, especially if you are young have nothing to do all summer and have something you love doing!

Thanks For reading!

If you have ever been to camp I would love to know any differences in your day!


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  1. How interesting! I always wanted to try working at a summer came (like Camp America) but never got around to it. This sounds fun but also like a long day!

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    • It was one of most amazing experiences! I recommend it to everyone! ๐Ÿ˜Š there’s always so much energy around that the tiredness only catches up with you on your day off ๐Ÿ˜‚

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