Being a Student again!

After having 2 years off any academic education, I have thrown myself into a bachelor degree for teaching! It took me at least a year to decide that I wanted to become a teacher. I go to uni only half an hour away from my house, which is definitely ideal! It will save me so much money in the long run!

I have been at uni for 2 weeks now, survived my first week of lectures and haven’t been scared away yet! It has actually been really fun and exciting albeit very overwhelming, the first couple of lectures were flooded with assessment deadlines which are due before Christmas, which is really crazy!

If you don’t want to do the ‘homework’ the lecturers aren’t going to hound you for it, it’s your choice. The effort you put in depends what you get out of it!

Being in uni means being part time, which is hard for those ASOS sales, but to be fair I have some self control at the moment! It won’t be long until I crack with the added bonus of student discount. I have already raided my sisters wardrobe on numerous occasions, but isn’t that what sisters are for?

Staying on top of all this work is going to be essential to passing and maintaining minimal stress levels! (emphasis on the minimal). There is a lot of reading for the whole year, luckily I don’t hate reading, but I must say highlighting very large documents is fairly boring!

I find the best way to Boss it and stay on top is to go over everything you learn everyday, make new notes, prettier ones if your into that or just slightly more readable! Write in your diary all the things that need to be completed and tick them off as you go along, I have 6 modules, I have one file that contains everything. My favourite thing in LIFE is colour coordination! Colour really helps me organise and differentiate between modules because you cover the same things across modules, keep things simple!

So, when it comes to revision it’s all about choosing the right colours to help your child remember information. You could encourage your child to highlight important text with a yellow highlighter, or write key phrases or terms using a red pen. Similarly, coloured pens and highlighters can be used to organise and break down information; your child could connect ideas using one colour per topic, by using blue folders, pens and highlighters for French for example. Using the same shade of blue in their French exams may then prompt their memory and help them to recall important information. – WHSmith Blog

Hope you enjoyed this post,

What do you find helps keep things in your life organised?


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  1. Congrats on going back to school, it is hard! I just did a continuing education class over the past two weeks to get a certification for work and it was so difficult getting back into studying again after being away from school for so long!

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