Free Blogging Tools: That Make my Life Easy

Hello and Welcome!

I though I would share with you the tools/apps I use to create all of my blog content, as I haven’t been blogging long I still use free sites and apps, so this is definitely helpful for the new bloggers out there!

For Graphics

  1. Canva – I LOVE CANVA! It is basically a graphic design website, you can make custom designs that suit you, all your designs are saved so you can edit parts of them (ideal if you have a certain theme or font preference). It is really easy to use, I tend to use it on my laptop although they do have an app which is just as good (probably easier to use if your phone is the size of a laptop). There are tonnes of free stock photos and illustrations.
  2. Moldiv – This is an app I have which can be used to create all sorts of graphics, although I find Canva has more fonts and free stuff. I use this app primarily for editing my graphics for Instagram, it is really easy to ‘square’ up the image and save it!

For Sharing

  1. WordPress Daily Post – I try to remember every Monday the daily post have a community pool where you can get great feedback from other bloggers, this goes both ways so be sue to check out other peoples blogs, there is always going to be a blog that has a similar niche to yours, which is great to check out!
  2. Bloglovin’ – I have an account which is fairly easy to use and maintain, it automatically shares your blog content, so you don’t have to worry about publishing links or content, something I find AMAZING! It doesn’t bring it tonnes of views to my site but people check it out on bloglovin’ which is pretty cool!
  3. Pinterest – I recommend pinterest for blogs that ‘sell’ something whether it be planner printables, homemade goods or whether you just like sharing ‘pretty’ things. I love making boards for all sorts and have a rather large collection of pins Warning: It is highly addictive!

I hope you have found this post helpful! If you have any tools you recommend I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading,


Instagram • Pinterest • Bloglovin



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