Study Essentials!

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Studying, the highlight of life right? I feel your pain don’t worry! So I am sharing with you some study tips! These are things that make my study process easier and less stressful, I’m not going to lie, there are times where I just give up and take the day off. Sometimes it’s just what you NEED to do! But for most of the time the following tips should help you keep your sanity!

  1. Organisation – Need I say more? Buy yourself a diary, write the stuff you need to do in it. Filing, strangely I rather enjoy filing everything away into it’s respective home, it makes things easier to find and less overwhelming than when everything is in the same place.
  2. Note taking – Already I have crumpled pieces of paper (ready to recycle), of notes I have taken during lectures because they are not relevant, so don’t waste your time only jot down what is useful information, that you will not find anywhere else. Most of my notes say ‘check out ppt. on moodle’ which is all I need.
  3. Colour coordination – I feel on top of the world when everything is colour coordinated! One subject, one colour. Get the matching file and pen, the bliss you will feel is beyond! One chapter, one colour. There are tonnes of ‘essential reading’ that you will just have to read. I find it best to break it down chapter to chapter, I highlight each chapter differently, but people also enjoy highlighting a specific area eg. Fact, date, opinion. (your preference).
  4. Sleep pattern – It is crucial that you get enough sleep to a) Be semi alive in lectures. b) so you don’t go home and nap away study time. I have found changing my sleep pattern pretty difficult but it doesn’t take long before you are waking up 20 minutes before your 7am alarm!
  5. Your Study environment – Whilst at home or in your halls, you need a place to zone out and get your Study on, for me it’s the kitchen table (when nobody is home) there is plenty of space, its very bright and the kettle is about 4 steps away! Finding music you can study to is also important, you don’t want to get carried away with you pencil case singing to your fave hit! It has been proven that classical music is the best help for concentration, I for one completely agree!

I hope these study tips have helped you! I would love to know your top tips for study time! Thanks for reading


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