Ultimate Guide to Growing Pinterest Traffic


I have recently found a rise in blog views via Pinterest, it’s probably more beneficial for blogs that include DIY, baking and fashion and blog tips, obviously there is more niches that can be pinned. But here are some tip in growing views, clicks and saves on Pinterest.

When I first started out on Pinterest, I had 7 followers, 100 monthly views,

  1. Pin every day, personally I try to pin 3 new pins to each board everyday, although I will admit sometimes I get carried away with a particular board.
  2. Certain times of days – Either early in the morning or later in the evening, or just throughout the day.
  3. Follow great people with plenty of inspiration – Trust me there is plenty, Pinterest also sends you recommendations which is a great tool to find new people or boards.
  4. Work on the aesthetic of your profile – Spend a bit of time organizing your profile so it flows, your most pinned boards and important ‘stuff’ is towards the top of your profile. Pin1
  5. Pin your own and other creators pins – You will find other peoples stuff useful and some will be relevant to your readers, share it with them!
  6. Create boards, with easily searchable names – If you have a fashion board that is called ‘what I want’ it is far less reachable than a board that has the word fashion in. It would make a better board name Fashion I want, love or need
  7. Have a variety – You don’t necessarily have to make your profile all about your blog content, include stuff you might want to try, some motivation or something that interests you.
  8. Separate board for your blog – It makes things very easy to access for readers.
  9. Pretty Pins – Spend a bit of time making your pins looking pretty, stick to a theme, maybe your blog theme. It makes things recognizable for your readers! I love using canva to create all my pins, blog banners etc. (Free Blogging tools post)pin4
  10. See what people like to see, using pinterest analytics you can see what gets the biggest response, saves, impressions and clicks. pin2

My pinterest profile now has 169 followers and 22K monthly views which is absolutely crazy, I try to add all of my blog content to pinterest, even my instagram posts. pin3

Check out my Pinterest profile where there are boards for almost everything, my current favourite is the halloween board!

Do you have any tips for conquering social media for your blog? I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what to do when it comes to growing and generating traffic to my blog via pinterest; however this looks like some great advice and I look forward to trying out some of your tips! Thanks for sharing! xo

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