Monthly Review: October 2017

Hey there!

Can you believe we have come to the end of October already? Halfway through autumn already, time to up the Christmas shopping! I love October as it tends to be fairly dry and pretty cold! I have seriously enjoyed bringing out the knitwear, being all snuggly and warm in these autumn months!

This month has been mostly centered around being a student for me, lots of work for university, tonnes of filing and colour coordinating! I am enjoying being a student for now (probably wont be saying that next month when all those assignments are due in).

Halloween, I love Halloween, I have since childhood, dressing up and going trick or treating was the highlight of Autumn! After Christmas I feel Halloween is one of the only holidays that has a sense of festivity, all the costumes, pumpkin picking and carving!


Goals for November:

  • I am going to see Jake Bugg in Cardiff on Bonfire night which will be pretty fun (i’m sure there will be some sort of post about it!).
  • Keep on top of School work – For me this is essential to keeping myself sane! I have a few assignments due this month, which is proving quite time consuimg!
  • Look after myself – I have been a little run down lately, quite obvious with spots erupting on my face which is very abnormal and mouth ulcers which is all stress related, at the minute i’m overworked and very tired!!
  • Christmas shopping – I actually have to start! I also plan to do some gift guide posts throughout November (let me know who you need to buy for)!

Monthly Review of Blog Posts:

Check out this months posts, full of fall essentials from student life, blogging and fashion!

What have you enjoyed about October? What are your goals for November? I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading,


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