Day in the life: Student 

Hey there!

Life as a student is pretty hectic, there’s a lot of work to do outside of lectures. I live at home which means commuting about 45 minutes to and from the campus, it works out well as I share lifts with others! I also juggle a 2 part-time jobs, taking up Wednesday evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Uni life is tiring, early mornings and late nights kill my energy levels quickly and I REALLY need my sleep.

My alarm goes off at 7am, I get up, first priority = Tea

By 7.30 I’m fed, dressed and am awake. I leave the house by 7.50 to be at our meeting place for 8.00, we then drive (brum, brum) for half an hour, wait in some traffic before hoping for a parking space on the campus.

A usual day is 4 hours of lectures, sometimes 6 hours of note taking and questioning.

On my favourite days I am home by 1.30 which means cooking up some lunch. My favourite lunch snack at the moment is the classic pasta and cheese with chives, it’s just so good, quick and easy!

After doing some organizing of notes, lesson plans or reading (oh, how there is endless reading). It’s time to think about going to work, starting work at 6 until 9/10pm.

Then I’m so tired I just need to sleep and a cup of tea.

Live as a student is more difficult than I anticipated, I no longer have any me time, which is hard and gets quite frustrating. But you have to look at the bigger picture, the degree means a life where I enjoy what I do daily.

How do/did you find student life? Any tips to make sure you don’t bury yourself under the pressure?

Thanks for reading,


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  1. I feel you, being a student is tough. I travel 3 hours a day for uni, and its by public transport too, which I don’t particularly enjoy… Your morning schedule is pretty similar to mine! I’m pretty laid back when it comes to uni assignments and quizzes, which means studying the day before (or sometimes the hour before) a quiz or exam. You seem like you’re on top of things, just keep at it, relax and you’ll be fine!

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  2. My biggest tip is to actually take some me time. I find that routine and doing the same thing over and over again leaves me drained and bored and then I end up not doing anything productive (which is a big no no). I’ve actually found that for me it helps to have some special pamper times – when I’m feeling sluggish and uninspired, I put on a face mask and everything just feels better!
    I just found your blog through this post and I’m loving it so far – keep up the good work!

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