Jake Bugg In Cardiff

Hey there!

This weekend I completely forgot about any uni work, actual work and any other responsibility to enjoy a belated birthday present from my sister! Tickets to see Jake Bugg in Cardiff, some people may not be fans or recognize the name, but I definitely recommend a listen if you like a little indie/blues vibe!

We started with the two hour journey on Saturday evening, watching fireworks go off along the way. We stayed at my Nan’s house in Newport, after a Sunday lie in we decided to go for Sunday dinner to Junction 28. The food and overall experience was good! The starters were the highlight!

We then spent what felt like a decade getting ready, my sister is a qualified makeup artist (free makeup lessons for me). I don’t have a detailed view of my makeup or outfit so apologies for that! Also loving the autumnal snap chat filter a little too much!

Similar Dress Similar Boots Similar Coat Similar Earrings

As much as I love modern technology, you have to hate it at the same time, my maps took us twice as long to get to the venue, we figured out the simple route home luckily! By the time we got there we were a little on the thirsty side so had a drink at the bar, it was nectar! We trekked up the 6 levels to our seats, pretty out of puff (quite sad for a 20 year old).

We have seen Jake Bugg before in Cardiff, last time it was a bigger venue. This time it was a small acoustic tour. The opening act was GEORGIE, she was really good live! But, the moment we were all waiting for, Jake Bugg! He is absolutely amazing live, playing a mixture of songs from his 4 albums, and a few sneaky extras!

We then had to drive home after the concert finished, so I could be ready for uni the next day! We would have loved to have stayed out in Cardiff, maybe next time! Uni the next day was pretty hard! Luckily I only had one lecture which saved my head some pain.

Some songs to check out by Jake Bugg

Two fingers – this was the first song I ever heard by Jake Bugg, I had this weird, tingling, hairs standing on the back of my neck moment. This is my type of music but I don’t really know what that is! I love blues and country but with some sort of beat/vibe (if that even makes sense)?

Seen it All 

Messed up kids

Livin up country 

Bigger Lover

Love, hope and misery

Who was the best artist you have seen live?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for reading!


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Jake Bugg



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