November 2017: Monthly Review

Hey there!

Can you believe it is already December? How this year has flown by! To think there is less than a month until Christmas and I still have a LOT of shopping to do, never mind we will think about that tomorrow. November is always a strange time of year, there is not a lot going on, but Christmas is in sight, there are already plenty of Christmas songs on the radio, people have got the decs up. I’m clearly quite behind on the Christmas spirit at the moment, is it just me or is everybody celebrating Christmas a little early this year?

Anyways enough about Christmas, November seems to have gone on forever and yet be over so quickly (if that makes any sense). It seems like ages ago I went to see Jake Bugg in Cardiff but it was only a few weeks ago. That was an amazing night and i’m still really hooked on his opening artist GEORGIE, I definitely recommend checking out her music here on spotify!

I have had a lot going on in Uni this month, my first assignment has been handed in which had a little time for celebration before cracking on with the next piece of work. Being a full time student and having a part time job is really draining, I feel like I never really have time for myself, but that is how it is going to be for the rest of my life (quote mum).

My favourite thing about November time is the beginning of winter which means KNITWEAR. I am still to do my ASOS haul which was pretty hefty, but I am on it, fear not! I have realised how bad my spending habits are this month, but being a student means 20% off, like who can say no?

Goals For December:

  • Buy Christmas presents, I think I have maxed out my creative gift ideas for my boyfriend over the last three years, so if you have an original idea please shoot it my way! I still have the rest of my family to do as well, sorry in advance to my savings account.
  • Take some time for me, this was a goal from Octobers review and clearly I haven’t followed through. Finishing Uni on the 8th and handing in all the assignments by he 15th means a bit of time to relax at Christmas, apart from the fact I have to revise for an exam but that’s fine, I can cope.
  • Stop spending money on clothes, my wardrobe is full of clothes I hardly ever wear. I need to go through and clear out some stuff and stop buying more. (I have a feeling this might be a little difficult.)

Roundup of November’s Posts:

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Blogger Recognition award

What have you enjoyed about November? What are your goals for December? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading,


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