It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Hello and Welcome!

Sorry for the lack of posts last week, but I have had assignments due, which hasn’t left me with enough time to blog (very sad). Anyway, onwards and upwards!

It’s that time of the year where everyone seems to forget about all the strains of life and begin to spread some Christmas cheer, to quote Buddy the Elf ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to here!’ As much I love a good Christmas sing-along, it doesn’t sound the greatest to others, so luckily you are safe!

Christmas brings out the best in everyone, embracing their inner child when ripping open new presents and eating all the chocolates that seem to be everywhere. The favourite part of Christmas for me is the build up, it’s probably the same for most, the weather is colder, you wrap up warmer and put up all the decorations. I love the chilly days, when the sun shines it’s great to be outside, even the dogs enjoy it! I always struggle to get a good picture of Rayne (the crazy dog) as she has a very dark face, which makes it hard to get a good picture of her! But I love this pic of the pair of them, check out more about My Darling Doggies here.

IMG_8795 (1)

We have two homemade Christmas trees in our house, one in the main lounge and one in my bedroom. They are so easy (and cheap) to make and are great for rooms with little space! Making the Christmas tree is festive in itself, a bit of bonding time and the beautiful outcome!

Homemade Christmas Tree

This year I have been a little stuck for gifts, the budgets a bit tighter this year (but yay to student discount), I have bought everything my boyfriend could ever need over the past three years so what do you buy him? Admittedly I’m lacking in creativity this year! Although it is my plan at the end of the week to make some alcohol gifts, which I will definitely get into a blog post, the plan is for a Baileys, Orange and Cranberry Vodka and Strawberry and Lime Gin. So we will see how that turns out, and giving them as a trio gift with some homemade gingerbread men.

I would love to know what homemade gifts you are giving this year! What’s your favourite part of Christmas?

Thanks for reading,


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