2017 Reflections

Hey there!

2017 has flown by, a year of new experiences and friendship for me. Maybe being 20 was the best year yet, finally got my life together and done things that shocked myself. This year has challenged me and I have loved every minute of it, I’ve done things that I thought I never would.

Flying to New York and working at a summer camp for 3 months before travelling was the highlight of my year, four months of new experiences, completely out of my comfort zone. I met amazing people this summer, friends that have made my whole year amazing! I am so proud of myself for going solo and voyaging across the Atlantic. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone and everyone, who wouldn’t want to spend the summer outdoors, in the sunshine and teaching kids your favourite hobbies?

This years travel posts

The start of my degree, although I am only one semester in, it’s going well and I really love it, it’s something I really want to do in the future. Admittedly it’s a lot of hard work, slightly boring lectures and highlighting, but the end result will be so worth it. It is kind of crazy to think that by 2020 just 2 more New Years away I will be months from graduating.

Student Life Posts

I also have to comment on the development of this blog, which I started in January. I love to write and share experiences with you. My blog has grown steadily over the past year, I am so happy with the progress made so far, although I have many goals this year to improve the blog, starting with consistent posting! I would love to hear about any of your blogs that have been moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org as it is something I am considering.

I would love to hear how your year went, if you are hoping to take part in a summer camp program in 2018 or starting university or any other new beginning?

Thank you so much for reading!


new year


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