Personal Goals for 2018

Hellooo and Happy New Year!!

Everyone has them (even if they don’t admit them out loud), 2017 was a great year for me full of new experiences and I hope that this year will be the same, although I have no plans for the year ahead other than to stay on track at uni, hopefully I will do a little jet setting of my own! This year I will be 21 which means official adulthood (scary).

I am going to try and stick to these goals, I feel like everyone says the same thing, it’s the second of January and already I have heard people say ‘there goes the diet’. The first month will be the hardest but if I can keep them up until February I’m on the right track.


Who doesn’t wish they were in better shape? It’s not that I want to loose weight, it’s more of a tone and general fitness boost (fitness tips most appreciated). In May I managed to do 10 minute workouts from YouTube everyday, they are the best to fit into your day, in the comfort of your own home.


Being a student means budgeting and budgeting means no shopping, which is quite sad. But I love a challenge so I am going to cut my spending, hard in these January sales I admit. Why does world need money?


I would love to do a few weekend city breaks to Amsterdam, Munich and Paris. We are hoping to take a family holiday to Greece or Cyprus this year, which would be great as I have always wanted to go to Greece. There is so much in the world I want to see!


I want to put a big focus on the progress of my blog this year, I want to learn more about what it takes to make a great blog, what people want to read. I am also making a bigger effort to keep up to date with reading other blogs!

Finally, the last one for the year is to be happy. This is one of the biggest thing I wish for, being happy makes your heart complete. Happiness makes everything okay, if you can smile or laugh at the end of the day, your hanging in alright.

What are your goals for the year ahead? Is anything exciting happening? I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading,





  1. Money is defiantly a never ending struggle as a starving student so I feel you. I actually started my blog because I was tried of struggling so much financially. In saying that, I have found the best way to save is actually to prioritise: pick what you will and what you won’t spend on. Also, budgeting maybe, but I’ve found that it’s difficult to stick to sometimes. Best of luck for 2018 and looking forward to more posts!

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