Revision Techniques to Avoid Exam Stress!

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It’s that time of the year where exams are in the not so distant future and that means revision! Everyone has there own style whether its to re-write notes over and over again until it’s burned into your brain, make your notes pretty and get creative (that is me) or your a crammer, that person that spends the 48 hours before the exam stress and trying to fit information into your brain which doesn’t work.

Avoid the feeling confused and feel in control!

Audio learners

You are an audio learning if you like to listen to information or you like to tell it. One of the best ways to suit this style is to write down your notes how you think they are best arranged and make a voice memo on your phone, which you can listen to over and over again. This could be ideal for all types of learners if you listen to it when you have a few minutes to spare, maybe before bed (I know, not the most relaxing topic).

Visual Learners

You have a more photographic memory and love to see notes in colour, pretty fonts and doodles. Colour co-ordination is a major thing for me, each subject has a colour, things that go together has shades of the same colour etc. Doodles are a great way to learn topics in a fun way, as your thinking about them, they become etched into your memory which makes it easier for you to refresh later.

Kinaesthetic Learners

Your someone that likes a hands on approach, probably the most difficult when trying to revise for written exams, you need experiences to help you relate information, generally this probably happens as you learn the information versus revision.

Top tips to less Stress!

  1. Start revision early- I know, it’s just not that easy! If you start planning early, even if it just sorting your notes out at the end of the week and filing them away before getting stuck in, try look over some things, identify the stuff you don’t understand so you can check with a friend or lecturer. The earlier you start the more you will remember, it also gives you more time closer to the exam to relax!
  2. Don’t spend your entire waking hours at your desk! – Being a student is hard and you do need to revise don’t get me wrong (or I wouldn’t write this post), but you also need a life! Take time for yourself, whether it’s to meet with friends, party or just a long soak in the bath, it’s so important that you look after you in what is for everyone a stressful time!
  3. Music – Studies show music can help you focus and remember information, for me personally when I’m revising I listen to classic fm. Classical music is supposed to help you focus, I would definitely recommend to a friend!
  4. DO NOT CRAM! – This is the best thing if you want to be a stressed out tired looking mess! Once you have a grip on all the information swimming around in your head, forget about revising and relax, spend the night before an exam chilling out, catch up on some netflix and eat some food!

So there you have it, my tips to a less stressful exam time! I would love to know what you have up your sleeve for dealing with exam pressure?!

I hope you have found this post useful and all goes well with exams!

Thank you for reading,


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  1. Great advice. Good teachers also incorporate these learning styles into teaching and perhaps help students identify which way they learn best. Wishing you well on your exams and in your future career. 🙂

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