My Week in Outfits

Hey there!!

It’s a chilly January here in Wales, with the average day being between 3 and 6 degrees C. Winter warmers are essential at the moment and my favourite part of winter has to be the knitted jumpers! I love dressing against the cold and feeling cosy when buried underneath massive blanket scarfs and coats. My current go to is a pair of jeans, knitted jumper and boots, what’s yours?

This is my first week back at uni, getting back into the swing of things after 6 whole weeks off, it is nice to going back as I feel I need something to do with all the time on my hands, as work is quiet this time of year and there isn’t much really going on. What have you been doing this week?

This is a new type of post on my blog, please let me know if you would like to see more!



My last day of freedom! Only joking, it was the last day before starting back at uni again, which meant a quick dash here and there before chill time! I am in LOVE with this suedette pinafore from Primark! It looks great with tights and heeled boots, paired with a striped top (ASOS) to add a little colour!

Similar Pinafore: Primark £10

Similar Top: ASOS £18

Similar Boots: ASOS/New Look £29



For a day in uni you need to just stick with the classic, Jeans, boots and a knitted jumper, I love the frilled sleeves of this Miss Selfridge piece and the gorgeous pink colour, perfect to spruce up a winter outfit. I feel like there is a lot of colour around this winter and I love it!

Jeans: ASOS £22 

Jumper: Miss Selfridge £15

Belt: Primark £2

Boots are the same as above!


As I work on a Saturday, I thought I would share with you my dog walking outfit of the day, as it is chilly and slighty wet outside these days, jeans are just not the best material for rain and wellies are a must with the puddles and mud! The jumper is from Pull&Bear a brand I have recently come to adore, it’s chenille, possibly the softest fabric ever and so warm and cosy! Wellies are a staple for the Welsh weather, wind and rain are quite frequent! I love Hunter Wellies, although pricey they are definitely worth it!

Jumper: Similar, ASOS £21.99

Wellies: Similar, Hunter £80


Again, work is not really an outfit you want to see, so when work was over on this incredibly miserable Sunday evening, who could want more than a takeout chinese before cuddling up in front of the fire for some TV, I love these Chelsea Peers Pyjamas that Miguel bought me for Christmas, they are perfect for these cold winter days as hugs and cuddles are all you need!


Pyjamas: Similar, ASOS (Chelsea Peers) £35


One of my favourite days of the week, purely because a beautiful ASOS delivery came! I have these gorgeous ALDO Velvet black boots, they have made my whole month, I love shoes and these make a lovely to addition to the collection. Monday, a day for uni, but I had to wear my new boots (obviously). Today I went swimming for the first time in a good 8 months, it was pretty hardcore getting back into it, but I’m glad I went.

Boots: ASOS £36

Jumper: Similar, ASOS (Miss Selfridge) £35

Coat: Primark £10 (Similar) ASOS £55

Jeans: Similar ASOS (New Look) £24.99


A gloomy 7am start this morning (sorry about the dark pic) before a long day in uni, back to the classic today, jeans, knitted jumper and boots, these boots are Gaimo for office, they are lined inside making them super snug for this time of year! As my hair is so long, I can’t bear to have it all down, so a fave look of mine is the top knot! This knitted jumper from Miss Selfridge goes with pretty much everything and I love the frill detail on the arm.

Knitted Jumper: Similar ASOS/Bershka £27.99

Jeans: Similar ASOS £28

Boots: Similar, ASOS/UGG £145

Necklace: Tiffany £120


Today POA: A quick two hours in Uni before home to get on with some work before actually going to work this evening, also finishing this blog post! I love this Yumi Dress from ASOS, I have had it a while, I love the colour, the fit and the gorgeous sleeves. It looks great with the new black boots!!

Dress: Similar ASOS/Yumi £28 Boots are the same as above ^

If you haven’t already guessed my favourite snapchat filter is autumnal glasses’, purely because it gives me eyelashes! Although I love Disney so the Minnie Mouse one is becoming a popular choice for some selfies (if you didn’t see^^) Do you have a go to snapchat filter?

Thank you for reading, let me know if you enjoyed this post! What is your favourite Winter wardrobe essential?


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