Pancakes, Valentines and Assignments!

Hey Hey! It’s been a busy week for me, a lot of staring at my laptop screen, writing essays and printing stuff off! It seems this week in February aims to jam in loads of different events, such as Pancake Day and Valentines Day (did you know it’s actually St. Valentines day? I didn’t.) I have actually managed to stick at my workout plan this week as well, trying to meet that new years resolution! I’m sticking to short but high intensity workouts, they just work best for me, are you meeting your resolutions?

So this week here in Wales (and the UK), Pancakes became the pic of insta, as it was Pancake day! I love pancakes and have them for breakfast occasionally, (when i’m in need of a treat!) they are healthy if you add fruit right?! My favourite pancake toppings have to be, golden syrup, ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries and a secret sprinkle of sugar. I use this recipe (but I don’t add any butter to the mixture, just the pan), generally it makes about 5-6 pancakes.

This week was also Valentines day here in the UK, personally Valentines is over-rated, you should show the people you care about that you love them everyday! This year me and my boyfriend decided to not buy gifts or cards and we both ended up in work anyway. It’s sadly just another way for companies to make money. Check out Last years Valentines day at the Mulberry!

Assignments… They never seem to end, you finish one and the next one is due!


This year it has been one of my goals to get over 80% in an assignment, I can finally say that has been accomplished!! So we had a celebratory meal out in celebration (more of an excuse) to an Australian themed restaurant in Saundersfoot, the Kookaba! It was so tasty check out my 1/2 roast Duck with Pancakes, just what I needed!! I have finished another assignment that allowed a bit more creativity, but I’m glad it’s all done.

This weekend is the first re-union with some of my camp friends, which I am super excited for, I have never really played host before, although living so close to beautiful beaches and attractions there is plenty to see here in Pembrokeshire! It does make me so sad to think this time last year I was preparing to go to camp, I miss the ponies so badly!

IMG_8258I am super jealous of anyone going this year, it is the best experience! Let me know if your going to a summer camp this year!

What have you done this week? Thank you so much for reading!!


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